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Motivational Interviewing

Prevention with Positives Emphasis

Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques are a powerful tool in the fight against HIV.

Treatment as prevention or antiretroviral therapy (ART) for primary prevention of HIV works by suppressing the virus in the blood to levels low enough to substantially reduce the likelihood of transmission through sex, needle sharing, and from mother-to-child during pregnancy and birth.

For ART to exhibit optimal success, clients must maintain a high level of adherence, including changes in lifestyle to accommodate medication-taking schedules and other requirements.

However, not all persons on ART take their medications exactly as prescribed. Motivational interviewing is a client-centered approach for enhancing motivation to maintain healthy behaviors, introduce harm reduction activities and/or encourage a change in behavior. This training will teach providers:

  • How to build confidence, reduce ambivalence and increase motivation for adherence to the prescribed medication regimen by utilizing motivational interviewing as a strategy for medical adherence
  • How to identify the key concepts of motivational interviewing
  • Understand how motivational interviewing ties into HIV positive individuals and medication adherence
  • Assess readiness and/or resistance to change (specifically medication adherence) and how to apply motivational interviewing to facilitate “change talk” among the target population
  • Understand the relevance and importance of a change plan as well as how to apply those plans to individual progression

Our trainings are available to directly funded community based organizations free of charge.

Please request trainings using the CBA Request Information System (CRIS) and ask for NCHP.

In some circumstances, if you are unable to access the system directly, your local health department may be able to request on your behalf.

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