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Infidels Continue Support of SSVF

Once again, the Yuma chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club donated $1,000 to NCHP's 'Housing for Heroes' program in Yuma

An image of the infidels motorcycle club patch
Infidels Motorcycle Club logo.

YUMA — Four members from the Yuma chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club--who preferred to be unnamed--presented NCHP's SSVF staff with a check for $1,000, Wednesday.

This is the second time the club has chosen the 'Housing for Heroes' program as the recipient for their donation.

As before, the gift is to be used to assist NCHP's veteran clients in Yuma.

The club was motivated to donate based on NCHP's efforts to assist Yuma's veterans, specifically with the unsheltered veteran population.

NCHP is honored by the Infidels Motorcycle Cub's recognition of our efforts working with homeless veterans and appreiative of their continued generosity.


Infidels motorcycle club members stand with Daniel Herrera and Ruben Leon from NCHP's SSVF program to donate a check for $1,000 in support of the program
Daniel Herrera (left) and Ruben Leon (second to left) receive a check from four members of the Yuma chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club for NCHP's work with homeless veterans.





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