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5 Things to do in Yuma When You Are Having a Bad Day

Updated: Feb 23

Whether the boss man is giving you grief or Mr. Murphy is giving you one problem after another, the bills need paying and the car won't start - we've all had days where the troubles keep coming and everything feels overwhelming. Usually, I like to get away. But in small town Yuma, it's not always easy to just pack up and go somewhere new. So here are 5 things you can do in the world's sunniest city the next time life challenges just won't give you a break.

  1. Go to a park. Our favorite park is Wetlands Park West; with bike paths and the river to walk near, the many picnic areas and playgrounds, plus the giant castle playground for littles, it's a top destination when we need a break. --If life is piling up on a Monday morning, NCHP has a walk at 9am for you! No registration needed, simply show up by the pond in your walking shoes and a peer support specialist will talk you through your troubles.

  2. Walk Downtown Yuma. With lots of window shopping opportunities and music, it offers a different atmosphere than a park or hiking trail. If you haven't walked it in a while, make sure you do on a bad day to feel the positive vibes of the town around you.

  3. Hit a Trail. Whether you go on foot via hiking or you take an offroad vehicle to open up full throttle, sometimes a trail is the best way to let off steam. From the Imperial Sand Dunes to Muggins Mountains in Wellton, there's tons to explore and space to roam.

  4. Visit your public library. There's so much to do in the public library that many people don't realize. From classes on basket weaving to family story time, electronics and even Spanish classes, there's tons to do and read at the library. Plus, you can get a free library card when you show you're ID (stating you're a Yuma resident) and come back anytime.

  5. Check out a museum or historical landmark. With many options to choose from, this could be an inside or outside adventure day. Heading to a local museum can be relaxing and thought-provoking. Perhaps visiting a museum could help you work on that problem that got you worked up to begin with.

And there you have it - if you're suffering from a mental cloudy day in the world's sunniest city, take a small adventure to help you get back on track. When in doubt, contact NCHP - we can help you find resources to work through your life challenges. If you're a Veteran we have TONS of resources that can benefit you too.

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