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Safeguarding Your Home: Ensuring Firearm Safety Amid Suicidal Ideations

When someone in your home, whether yourself or someone you know and love, is experiencing mental health concerns like suicidal thoughts, it's crucial to keep them safe from lethal means. Firearms, while a point of pride for many, pose a significant risk during such crises.

Studies show that many people experiencing a crisis who do not have easy access to lethal means will not simply find another way to kill themselves - so preventing the person experiencing these thoughts from lethal means, be it firearms, medications, or others, will allow that person time to change their mind or for someone to intervene. While the best way to keep people safe during a mental health crisis is to remove firearms from the home completely, it's not always practical.

Let's explore ways to protect yourself and those around you from firearms specifically:

Trigger Locks:

- Inexpensive device that immobilizes the trigger

- Store the key in a secure, unknown location or with a trusted friend

- Increases the time between the thought and action of using the firearm

Gun Safes:

- Large storage container with lock or passcode

- Ensure key access is challenging or hidden

- Transfer firearms to a trusted friend or local gun shop if necessary

Trusted Friends:

- Temporarily transfer firearms to a trusted friend or family member

- Maintain ownership while ensuring safety during crises

- Utilize local gun shops for temporary storage if needed


- Separate firearm components and store in different locations

- Place ammunition in a gun safe in one area and firearm body in another

- Increases time and effort required to access and use the firearm

Prioritize safety over pride in firearm ownership. Remember, these measures are temporary, and the well-being of those in crisis is vital. By implementing these strategies, we can prevent potential harm and promote safety.

For immediate assistance during a crisis, call 911. If in a non-immediate crisis, dial 988 (press 1 for Veterans).

For aftercare support or resources, reach out to us today.


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